Giuliana Crippa

Giuliana Crippa
Research Analyst
T direct +41 44 366 63 40

Giuliana Crippa has been working as a research analyst in the research team of schilling partners ag since 2018. Her responsibilities include researching potential candidates as well as the systematic and goal-oriented analysis of the current market situation.

After successfully completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Giuliana Crippa is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology at the University of Bern. She gained her first professional experience in various internships.

In addition to her mother tongue German, she is fluent in English and has a good command of French.

In her free time, Giuliana Crippa plays and coaches handball, she likes to travel and feels enthusiastic for new sports.

Her personal motto is:

“We ask that life must have a meaning, but it has only exactly as much sense as we ourselves are able to give him”

(Hermann Hesse)

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