Executive Search – a systematic approach to success

Systematically achieving the goal

The direct approach is the best way to win highly qualified executives. This ambitious process leads to the goal efficiently if task and framework conditions have been defined clearly and bindingly at the beginning of the executive search. Our clients highly value our systematic search. They are involved in the planning of the relevant milestones in a forward-looking and target-aimed manner. Transparency throughout the entire process, efficiency and good time management are further critical success factors. The procedure schillingpartners have developed follows a clear, comprehensive and standardised structure.

Success with schillingpartners in 6 steps

schillingpartners’ direct approach service includes a systematic, in-depth analysis of the management market. The basis for success lies in a comprehensive assessment of the client’s initial situation, tailor-made research and targeted direct contacts with potential candidates. In doing so, we attach great importance to high discretion and close exchange with the client. During the entire search process there is intensive coaching of the client and the potential candidates to ensure long-term and sustainable success.

1. procuring information:

The Briefing

A detailed conversation with the client is the first step of every search. The more details we know the more specific we can start the search. Well-founded knowledge about the industry, company culture, strategies and job requirements are important starting points.

2. Scouring the market:

The Research

The internal research team researches the current market situation in a systematic and goal-oriented way and identifies potential candidates. In this way, the client obtains transparency in a complex market. It also shows whether the predefined criteria are realistic and whether there may even be a candidate for the respective key function in another industry.

3. Exploiting potentials:

The direct approach

The consultants of schillingpartners approach potential candidates directly. If they have a noticeable interest in the vacant position and meet the compulsory criteria of the client, they are considered for the selection.

4. Making a choice:

The presentation

Following the systematic research, the results of this research are analysed. schillingpartners compiles a so-called «long list». Then, the client is presented a selection of potential suitable candidates. Together we select the most promising profiles in order to conduct an in-depth analysis during the search. A face-to-face conversation enables us to select a candidate even more accurately.

5. Talking to candidates:

The interviews

Detailed selection on the part of the consultant:

Candidates who meet the criteria best are examined regarding the defined requirement criteria of expertise and personality in structured personal conversations. They are informed about the details of the vacant position.

Recruitment talks with the client:

For the personal talks with the most promising candidates, the client is given a meaningful dossier of the candidate appraisals relating to the defined required criteria. Talks between the client and candidates are organized – for reasons of discretion often on our premises. The direct contact between the candidate and the client’s representative gives both parties the opportunity to exchange and clarify relevant points before offering the position.


The Coaching

The mandate of schillingpartners does not finish until the new work contract has been signed. Until then the coaching phase continues. It comprises an intense exchange of information between the parties involved. If necessary, references and/or a second opinion are obtained by means of an assessment. We draw on an established network of qualified specialists for this purpose.

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