Experts for the following functional areas

Our consultants have long-standing expertise in the search for suitable personalities for different functional areas. We support you in your search for specialists in the following areas, among others:

Supervisory Board Members

The search for supervisory board members requires special attention as regards desired expertise, and the approach has to be discussed in detail with the client. Every such search starts with a clear definition of the required competence profile in the context of the composition of board as a whole. Since some of the potential candidates may already be known to the client, a procedure in close consultation is indispensable.

CEO / Managing Director

Over the years, we have developed a detailed understanding of current trends and requirements for future-oriented CEOs. Depending on the industry in which a new CEO is sought, our industry experts are at your disposal. We will also be happy to report on current reference searches and discuss specific challenges with you.

CFO / Finance and Services

The search for CFOs and their direct reports is an often posed challenge to us – we have acquired a particularly strong expertise in identifying and approaching relevant finance leaders and top managers. These searches are delivered by our consultants with the relevant industry experience.

Division Head / Business Unit Head

Division heads are «CEOs of a business unit» with full P&L responsibility and often with staff that covers support functions. Finding the right leaders is a demanding challenge and we are able to provide our clients with ideal support and consulting in defining their requirements. By doing so, we have been able to realise excellent placements in the past.

Research & Development

All our consultants have specific know-how on the functioning and future developments of R&D positions in the specific industries they cover. We are happy to discuss the requirements and our references with our clients in detail.

Production / Operations / Logistics

We regularly search for heads of production as well as operations/supply chain management profiles and keep up-to-date with ongoing developments. Our understanding of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and IoT is particularly strong. We would be happy to give you a deeper insight and report on corresponding references.

Marketing / Communications

All our industry experts have extensive experience and a very solid understanding of forward-thinking marketing leadership positions. We accompany the path from analogue to digital on a regular basis and draw on an excellent network of personalities, who make their many years of market experience available to us. Our research team is used to examining target companies for structures and thus identifying candidates, who might not immediately be obvious.


Our expertise in filling sales management positions is highly developed in all covered industries. Over the years, we have developed the know-how and expertise that enable us to understand a wide range of sales organisations and to derive and take into account the respective context in our search. Our industry experts will be happy to provide you with more in-depth information.

IT / Technology / Digital

Our profound IT and digital expertise qualifies us as a competent partner to consult you the design of your IT organisation and in the selection of digital talents and executives. Be it to make strategic decisions for the transformation of your business models or to apply today’s technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, AI, Social Networking, etc. Digitalisation affects all trade, customer and supplier relationships, and the ability to be efficient and agile at the same time and to move successfully in complex structures is becoming more and more important.

Human Resources

Human Resources leadership roles help your organisation achieve its goals with the right people in the right position at the right time. For HR to be more than just a service, it requires mature personalities who have the ambition to shape and develop a certain standing in the company through their own initiative. We systematically identify such personalities and attract them to your company. We consider the specific company situation as well as cultural aspects and values, which must be well covered by suitable candidates. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

Gender Diversity

Successful companies have realised that diverse teams achieve better results and invest in the recruitment and development of female executives. In times of skills shortages, special attention should be paid to the highly skilled pool of women on the labour market. Companies must adapt to the compatibility of work and family and ensure that they do not lose their female employees because of family planning or that women leave the labour market altogether. Since women plan their careers differently from men, we adapted our approach years ago to be able to recruit as many qualified female candidates as possible and thus manage to have at least one woman in each search mandate until the very end of the process. Personal contact to female candidates is obviously required to be able to attract them to your organisation – we apply our 15 years of expertise in gender diversity to your benefit each day. We will be happy to provide you with further information.

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