Guido Schilling

Executive Search is my calling

«Through my passion, I have been going the extra mile every day since 1987 to fill selected top positions on the boards of directors and management boards of leading Swiss companies with the most qualified candidates. The loyalty of my long-standing clients shows that my results lead to sustained success among my broad client base.»

«I am an executive searcher with heart and soul»

In dialogue with my customers, I am a committed discussion and sparring partner. My entrepreneurial experience, creativity and in depth understanding of the market flow into this process. At the same time, I use my in-depth knowledge from the schillingreport, which I have published annually since 2006 and which provides information on the composition of the strategic and operational management boards of the Swiss economy and public administration. I am personally committed to the sustainable development of gender diversity in companies. This is based on conviction and experience – mixed teams are the best prerequisite for long-lasting success, and the strategic orientation of the company in this respect is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and the CEO.

My customers rely on me to work with them on the proven system and intensive dialogue in the search process. In addition to the obvious search strategy, this enables us to develop real alternatives that take the strategic challenges of our clients into account and lead to successful replacements.

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

My clients value my entrepreneurial experience. I advise my clients at eye level – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. As a committed discussion and sparring partner in dialogue with my clients, I always include my understanding of the market, my broad industry knowledge and my creativity with the aim of further developing my clients’ organisations.

«I always want the best solution for my clients. I am happy to commit myself personally to this responsible task!»

Despite top network and direct relationships, I never rely on the first obvious hits, but guarantee the proven and goal-oriented clearly defined systematic process in every search.

Entrepreneurial foresight – I am personally committed to building up the next generation

Since 2010 I have been transferring my many years of experience specifically to my business partners at schillingpartners. Here, skilled partners and senior consultants work in a consulting field tailored to their professional experience. They either work on positions in clearly defined industries or are focused on filling functional areas such as finance, HR, IT, etc. My consulting colleagues and I attach great importance to the comprehensive, systematic and target-oriented processing of search assignments at top management level.

schillingreport – Transparency at the Top of Business and Public Administration

Since 2006, I have been publishing the schillingreport annually as its editor. In this way, we ensure transparency regarding the development of the composition of the board of directors and executive board of private businesses as well as the top management of the federal administrations and the cantons. The schillingreport provides regular information on the composition of the top management of Switzerland’s 100 largest employers, the proportion of women and the origins of the top management.

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Best Headhunting Firms 2023

schillingpartners once again awarded top score as leading Swiss executive search firm

schillingreport 2024

At the media conference on Friday, 23 February 2024, we presented the latest facts and development trends from the executive boards and boards of directors of the largest Swiss employers to members of the media.

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